Friday, January 30, 2009

Becoming my grandmother

This is not a fair look at Grandma Augerson, because she's just posing next to a towel that happens to be hung up.  People didn't take pictures then of people doing ordinary things, like working in the kitchen or digging in the yard.  All I have is mental pictures of her and me sending the dripping wash through the wringer and coming out two dimensional on the other side.  I suspect that between that and air-drying, more ironing was needed then.  

By now you may wonder why I'm off on this tangent.  Of course you've probably noticed that The Great Depression is now in vogue, and perhaps I'm only being trendy.  Nonetheless, my email world includes references to climate change, recession/depression, peak oil and any number of dire and believable probabilities.  Panic is easy, but it doesn't seem like an element I want in my life, so the answer seems to lie in practicing bits of life as though we only had a scrap of the giant grid that we use now.  Hanging clothes and stringing beans are a lot more fun than political action, though I try to do my bit for that too.  And more and more, when I live life in a more down-to-earth way, Grandma becomes a part of it.  

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